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  • Contribute to reduction of up to 60% of maintenance cost.

  • Eliminate up to 95% of Engines and Equipment wear.

  • Reduce engine/equipment operating temperature and noise level.

  • Eliminate build-up and keep engine completely clean.

  • In the event of oil or coolant loss, engines are protected for tens of miles under any driving conditions.

  • Restore engine compression (the compression may go up even in new cars).

  • Contribute to much cleaner emission gases.

  • Are very effective in severe operating conditions such as dust, dirt and moisture.

  • Extend oil change intervals and oil filter life 4-7 times.

  • Contribute to considerable fuel and oil economy.

  • Generate the same outstanding results, when used in transmissions, power steering, differentials or any other equipment.

  Recommended for

  • Motor Oils - Transmission fluids

  • Hydraulic oils - Compressor oils

  • Arbor and form oils - Way oils

  • CP oils-Gear lubes - Cutting oils.

  • Heavy Equipmnent - Farming, Mining, Power Generators

  • Marine Engines, Transport trucks, etc.




Internal combustion engines and Diesel engines: cars, trucks, railroads, marine etc. - Automatic and manual transmissions.


Differentials and gearboxes

Bearings and bearing jounals

Power steering units Pumps

Air Compressor, Cooling systems,


Hydraulic power systems in heavy duty off road equiment and Farming machinery,

Mining and smelter equipment,

Railroad equipment,

Oil and water wells Drilling equipment,

Machine shops equipment: Gringding, drilling, milling, etc.

Air tools - Marine light and Heavy Duty Vessels.

General Applications

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