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Polytron MTC


Polytron Metal Treatment.Concentrate (MTC) is a uniquely blended formula that is compatible with all motor oils, gear oils and other lubricants.


Polytron MTC is the ULTIMATE LUBRICANT ENHANCER that coats all metal surfaces with an IONIZED micro-layer of oil molecules and through chemical-metallurgical process forms (from the original metal) a durable polished micro - layer of metal that dramatically resists wear, extreme pressure and excessive temperature. Metal surfaces remain treated at all times which provides for immediate start-up lubrication. Friction and wear are substantially reduced which results in maximum equipment life, performance and fuel economy. Polytron MTC contains no plastic particles, PTFE resins, molybdenum disulfide, lead or any other solids.

Penetrating Lubricant PL


Polytron Penetrating Lubricant contains Polytron MTC and is scientifically blended to be the most effective whenever rust corrosion or drag is a factor.


Polytron PL not only penetrates through extreme rust and corrosion, it also treats the metal surface to reduce friction and wear. Use of this product provides for long lasting, smooth operation of any metal mechanism.


The number of applications and benefit range far exceeds those of any other known product. It can be used for simplest home needs to the most severe industrial application. Polytron PL is highly recommended for general machine shop work like drilling and tapping.

Fuel Conditioner FC


 Polytron Ultra Performance Gasoline / Diesel Fuel Conditioner (GDFC) is scientifically designed fuel enhancer that improves combustion, cleans and lubricates the working parts of the fuel system and the upper part of the engine. Polytron GDFC dissolves and removes carbon deposits and prevents future harmful build-up. Polytron GDFC improves mileage and overall engine performance.


Polytron GDFC cleans entire fuel system, including injectors, intake valves, ports, valve seats and combustion chamber. When used regularly, exhaust pollutants are reduced considerably. Polytron GDFC extends the effective life of diesel fuel held in storage tanks and can be used with any gasoline or diesel fuel.

EP-2 Grease


Polytron EP-2 Lithium Grease is a superior quality, multi purpose, wide temperature range made from lithium complex soap, quality base oils, scientifically engineered Polytron anti-wear, friction reducing formula and other additives to give its outstanding qualities. It is an excellent automotive wheelbearings and chassis lubricant which is also recommended for all types of bearings, gears and couplings in industrial commercial applications. It may also be used in electric motors of NEMA insulation class A and B types.


Polytron EP-2 Grease is formulated with high quality base oils and lithium complex soap. The natural oxidation stability of this formulation is enhanced by effective oxidation inhibitors.

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