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> Public Power Corporation / Greece
User references from mechanics and engineers


Because of dust and heat one of bearings supporting a shaft was overheating, loosing its grease and failing resulting in expensive repairs and long downtime.


After applying Polytron EP-2 Grease
The temperature dropped by 7°C below the average temperature measured before, even when well known brand name greases were used. This mill operates over a year now without any overheating problems.

> Public Power Corporation / Greece

User references from mechanics and engineers


Pump overheating, sets alarm and stops, even though air compressor used to cool it.


After adding Polytron MTC
The temperature dropped by 4° to 5°C and pump was not overheating anymore and the air compressor was not used for cooling anymore.

> Government owned oil & Gas Company

Indonesia user references from Polytron distributor and equipment maintenance manager.


Company purchased Copco compressors driven by Caterpillar
engines. Engines and turbines were overheating and automatically shutting down, decided to ship them back.


After applying Polytron MTC and FCC the engines and turbines stopped overheating and could be put in production.

> Yukon Railway Company 

USA Locomotive Diesel Engine User reference from Master Mechanic


Excessive fuel consumption and thick black smoke.


After adding Polytron FC
They had 30% savings on fuel and the smoke cleared up by about 50%


> Yukon Railway Company

USA Locomotive Diesel Engine User reference from a Mechanic


Overheating when climbing up a hill.


After adding Polytron MTC
The temperature dropped more than 13° F and engine was not overheating anymore.

> User reference from Automotive Division 

ALCOA FUJIKURA LTD. production facility in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Plant machinery (Orimpers 6 WB and others) / Polytron EP-2 Grease

and Penetrating Lubricant.


"My responsibility here at Alcoa Fuji-Kura, is to primarily make sure all our equipment is operating efficiently. Our main client is Ford Motor Company and we cannot afford costly down time.


Toyojamco makes a machine called Orimper 6 WB which we use in our plants. Our maintenance personal usually change lubrication on these machines after about one week's worth of operation.


I used Polytron EP-2 Grease and the results were incredible. Lubrication was changed after 4 weeks. We were impressed that Polytron EP-2 Grease did not break down for such a long time, causing much less production down time. We also used Polytron Penetrating Lubricant spray throughout  the plant with too many success stories to recount here.
Maintenance Manager,

> Public Power Corporation
Steam Electric Station Megalopolis 22200, Greece
Polytron PL application on 300 MW Steam Turbine:

Generally, the steam turbine overhaul is a very labor intensive procedure because of the size and complexity of the steam-turbine's mechanisms and the acuracy of the dimensions and tolerances required.
On most of the valves the nuts were "frozen" as a result of excessive rust, corrosions, and it was impossible to loosen them up, even with the used of well-known penetrating lubricant.
Due to high pressure and thermal stress, the retaining bolts on these valves require high torque to untighten them, and take out from the valve casing.
The procedure of untightening steam valves nuts is labor intensive. It requires very high torque, especially when the treads are somewhat deformed. We were using well-known anti-corrosion penetrating lub, to help loosen the nuts and to ease up the untightening operation. This well-known product we were currently using, was found to be inadequate for this application.
Following the recommendation of the mechanics (who were familiar with Polytron PL), we got excellent results. After spraying Polytron PL, around 5 minutes wait, it was possible to loosen up these nuts with much less torque and unscrew it relatively easy. Applying Polytron PL, surprisingly, we noticed the thread finish of the nuts and bolts appears much smoother, cleaner, and almost like new. Based on our experience, we didn't come accross a product so effective, as Polytron PL, to release frozen nuts and bolts and other mechanism.

> Kfar Giladi Quarries / Israel User

References Equipment Maintenance Manager


Company was looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs and down time. Harsh working conditions.


After applying Polytron MTC, oil change intervals were extended from 250 -300 work hours to 1,500 work hours, savings on fuel of 10%, and considerable reduction in maintenance cost.

> Solel Bone / Construction Engineering / Israel & Africa User

References from Equipment Maintenance Manager.


Company was looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs and down time. Harsh working conditions.


After applying Polytron products, oil change intervals were extended from 250 – 300 work hours to 1,000 work hours, savings on fuel of 13%, and considerable reduction in maintenance cost and downtime.

> INFOCUS CNC Machining / USA User

References from company Production Manager


Low productivity and profitability.


After applying Polytron Pen Lube
Speeds and feed went up as much as 50% and the too life by up to 3 times, turning it to very profitable operation.

> Oil tankers company in Indonesia

User reference from oil tanker crew


Oil tankers company has  problem with one of their tankers that can reach only a speed of 4-5 knots with maximum of 560 RPM while engine temperature reaches  420° C.


After applying Polytron MTC the RPM could be raised to 890 to 940 RPM while the temperature dropped from 420°C to 390°C.
Engine vibrations and noise levels were significantly reduced and the tanker could increase its speed from 4-5 knots to 10-11.5 knots.

> Electric Steel Casting Co. 

USAPAC 250 Screw Compressor User reference from Vice President.


Compressor was overheating and shutting down automatically about every 1.5 hours, although it was serviced very often.


After adding Polytron MTC
Compressor oil and the air temperature went down considerably. There was almost no downtime. Service frequency went down by 70%. Productivity went up considerably.


> Sheet metal fabrication company

In Asia.User references from the CEO of the company. NTC Technology Pte Ltd.


Chiller of a laser cutting machine overheats, and as a result shuts down very often, thus hurting the productivity. The manufacturer of the equipment recommends to replace the chiller  at an expense of $40,000.


After applying Polytron MTC to the compressor, The problem was solved and the customer saved $40,000 and a lot of downtime.

> Quarry-Asphalt Production Plant-Israel 900 KVA Cummins Electrical Generator driven by 1800 horse power engine / with Polytron MTC


This engine (in which Polytron MTC was used) has been taken apart after 17,500 work-hours as a result of penetration of water into an oil system.  The oil baths (blue arrow), valve springs (yellow arrow), valve stems (orange arrow) and the block surface are totally clean of any deposit build-up. According to the head mechanic of the repair shop, he has never seen anything like this before, especially with oil change intervals 4 time longer (from 250 work hours to 1000 work hours) and after many work hours with water in the oil system. All the other engine parts also were found to be in very good condition, and were put right back when the engine was re-assembled.

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